Version 2.5.1 of Kafka for JUnit released

Date Tags Kafka / Java

Version 2.5.1 of Kafka for JUnit has been released. It contains a bugfix for issue #48. This issue caused brokers to change their port after re-activating. The broker port will now stay the same. Furthermore, kafka-junit raises a warning if you try to configure a multi-broker embedded cluster but try to assign a dedicated port to all of them via the EmbeddedKafkaConfig.

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Releasing the Gen monad

Some time ago I wrote a piece about generating randomized instances of domain objects for unit and integration testing using a functional approach. Looking back at my past projects, I almost always used this approach to simplify existing and newly written tests in the codebases that I was working on. Of course, the implementation matured over the years as well. What started off as a very simplistic @FunctionalInterface became a well-tested Java-based implementation of the Gen monad. Given that I use this small piece of code so often, I decided to release the Gen monad to the public.

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