Releasing the Gen monad

Some time ago I wrote a piece about generating randomized instances of domain objects for unit and integration testing using a functional approach. Looking back at my past projects, I almost always used this approach to simplify existing and newly written tests in the codebases that I was working on. Of course, the implementation matured over the years as well. What started off as a very simplistic @FunctionalInterface became a well-tested Java-based implementation of the Gen monad. Given that I use this small piece of code so often, I decided to release the Gen monad to the public.

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Event-driven Microservices Conference 2019

Quite an interesting day finally came to an end. AxonIQ, which is the company behind the Axon framework and server, hosted their annually conference in Amsterdam. Albeit being a vendor-centric conference, the event also hosts a couple of talks from high-rated speakers from all around the globe that spread general wisdom wrt. event-driven systems. Even if you are not that interested in the Axon platform itself, there is a lot to learn from the talks and workshops offered at the Event-driven Microservices Conference. This year marks my second visit in a row and I would like to share my two cents on the event.

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