Using service loaders

Although we progressed through to a working, modularized solution for our string matchers during the last article, we still have an unwanted dependency that goes directly from module matchers.cli to matchers.impl. This prohibits us from using a clean and extensible way of injecting implementations of the Matcher interface. Working through this article, our goal is to end up with a very loose coupling between our Java modules by implementing a mechanism for that kind of dependency injection.

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Modularizing an existing codebase

During the course of this article we will migrate an existing Java 8 application to a fully modularized Java 9 application that leverages the capabilities of the Java Platform Module System (JPMS). This article is the first installment of a series of articles that showcases a migration path towards a loosely coupled and modularized application architecture.

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Property-Based Testing in Java 8

In the last article we learned how to generate objects with Java 8 in a functional way and implemented a small API based around the Gen monad. Although already powerful on its own, generators really shine when we use them in combination with property-based testing. A property-based test verifies a statement about the output of your code based on some given input. The same statement - or property - is verified for many different possible inputs to find one that falsifies the property. This article builds upon the implementation of Gen and discusses a simple API that enables us to write property-based tests.

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