Writing component tests for Kafka consumers

We have seen how easy it is to write concise and readable component tests for Kafka producers in the last article. In this installment, we will focus on the read-side and write component tests for a Kafka consumer. The example is centered around the same small lifecycle event service that we saw in the last article.

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Writing component tests for Kafka producers

Kafka for JUnit makes it easy to write integration tests for custom-built Kafka-enabled components as well as entire systems that integrate with a Kafka cluster. In the course of this article, I'd like to demonstrate how you can leverage this testing library to write whitebox tests for software components that integrate with Kafka. We'll start off with the write-path of a small lifecycle event service and implement a custom publisher on top of the Kafka Clients library that ought to be tested.

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Using KaDeck for exploring and manipulating data in Kafka topics

I'd like to talk a bit about a tool which I've used during past and present projects that employ Apache Kafka: KaDeck. KaDeck is developed by the Frankfurt/Germany-based software company Xeotek GmbH. Their website states that it is a holistic monitoring solution for Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis. I'm not going to recite the product brochure here, you can get the necessary details over at the folks of Xeotek. Instead I want to show you how you can use a tool like KaDeck to play around with the data you have, manipulate it and gain further insights from it. KaDeck comes in different shapes: You can use the desktop version which comes with basic functionality and only supports Apache Kafka, or you can use KaDeck as a web service and enjoy its full feature set including the integration of Amazon Kinesis. The single-user license for both versions is free of charge. Get it here. I'll be using the desktop version in the course of this article.

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